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There was deep and thoughtful symbolism

The debut Louis Vuitton collection by Virgil Abloh, the first African-American to head a major European fashion house, drew stars of all stripes to Paris for his rainbow-themed menswear show.Kanye West was there with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, who had returned to Paris for the first time since she was tied up and robbed at gunpoint during an October 2016 jewelry heist. Model Bella Hadid weathered a prevailing hot spell behind shades, while Rihanna and Naomi Campbell arrived for the big event of Paris Fashion Week at the last minute.Here are some highlights from Thursday’s spring-summer menswear shows:LOUIS VUITTON’S INCLUSIVE RAINBOW"It is a big, big day," Bella Hadid said as she took her seat in the yellow section of Louis Vuitton’s multicolored set."It’s great," chimed in Rihanna, who rocked a hip, white LV jumpsuit.It was clear by the mood at the show that expectations for artistic director Abloh’s debut were at stratospheric levels.And Abloh did not squander his moment.

There was deep and thoughtful symbolism throughout the 56 multicolored looks.White dominated the first designs. The hue, which signifies purity or new beginnings, also inspired Abloh’s first main fashion venture, the Milan-based house Off-White.On Thursday, it was the base color for sheer T-shirts, LV fitted jackets and loose pleated pants that were accessorized with broken white chains that hung from bags and dragged on the floor. All of the models displaying the garments were black.Colors then flourished.A fluorescent yellow breast-plate top began a leitmotif of cage-like garments, such as orange ribbed vests and fluorescent side bibs.Abloh literally went over the rainbow for the show’s best looks, which channeled "The Wizard of Oz." A black and white jacquard double-breasted tailored jacket had an image of Judy Garland on the back.___VICTOR CRUZ IS PROUD OF HISTORIC MOMENTAbloh’s Louis Vuitton debut was recognized as a history-making moment for fashion.American football player Victor Cruz, 31, who has African-American and Puerto Rican roots, told The Associated Press: "I’m happy to be alive and be part of this, because this hasn’t happened before in my generation."Cruz, who arrived with Hadid, said having an African-American designer leading a European heritage house for the first time was "opening the door. People now have to pay attention to minorities and the culture that we are shaping for ourselves.""This forces them to pay attention to us now," he continued. "Pay attention in a real way, and not just inviting us to their shows. There are more doors opening to us now."___RICK OWENS’ BABEL"Confusion" and age-old drama reigned in the styles of Rick Owens’ spring-summer ode to the Tower of Babel.Set outside against the art deco columns of Paris’ Palais de Tokyo, his show featured machines spitting mood-setting smoke out across the constructed geometric stage. The accomplished designs themselves followed this architectural theme.Crisscross patterns — as seen in a torn vest silhouette or in a graphic print — were ubiquitous on looks that often capped gargantuan, 90s-era black pants.Much like the Biblical tower that Owens’ used as a touchstone for the 40 looks, the weight of the silhouette seemed visually to carry down from the torso to solid legs.The pants, which were sometimes adorned with studs or imagined in geometric panels, were highly artistic in their play on proportion.Three-dimensional tent structures adorning torsos added an eccentric edge, as did billowing white coats in multiple layers that carried an ecclesiastical-meets-sci-fi air.___THE ART OF THE INVITATIONThe age of email doesn’t seem to have left a mark on the fashion industry’s antiquated system for extending invitations.Season after season, gasoline-guzzling couriers crisscross Paris to hand-deliver elaborate invites to fashion insiders.Top houses vie to see which will come up the funniest or most imaginative one.The invitation to Rick Owens’ menswear show on Thursday arrived in the shape of a black cotton mouth mask that fastened around the ears.The Yoshiokubo label sent out an invite to its "Bank Robbery" show that was fashioned as a thick wad of pretend $500,000 bills.___ISSEY MIYAKE’S SUMMERLoose summer vibes were in the breeze at the open-air Issey Miyake presentation.Flowing silhouettes of cotton jersey — hybrids between T-shirts and shirts — led the eye to baggy printed pants inspired by sunlight.The sun theme continued in woven jackets. The zigzag patterns that evoked summer rays were made using a computerized jacquard fabric.It was a reminder why Issey Miyake is known as the house of techno-fabrics.Some jackets looked businesslike or preppy — a fitting reference for the show venue, Paris’ Sorbonne university."The boundaries between work, leisure, privacy have become blurred. One can work everywhere. A park, a cafe, a library or at home," the show notes pointed out.This fact was certainly not lost on the myriad fashion writers, bunched up after the show with coffees, working to Graphene Fabric for sale meet deadlines..

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Gates is more concerned about

Here, Microsoft is leading efforts for fingerprint/biometrics-based authentication standardised by W3C and making it available on all browsers soon. Fingerprints and IRIS have already been attached to Aadhaar numbers, face recognition will be enabled from July and voice recognition may also soon be attached to Aadhaar data repositories. They would go to the extent of killing Constitutional institutions (Parliaments, judiciary), buy media, harass protesters (Twitter trolling is nothing), hijack elections, and undermine democracy. It is in his interest to help the World Bank, via the foundation, to replicate national biometric authentication systems in other developing countries, to further promote his "philanthro-capitalism".

As we dig deeper, the situation gets even more intriguing because Microsoft is the system integrator to develop the Indian government’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform Swayam (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds).Gates is the man who built Microsoft Windows, among the world’s most vulnerable operating systems.Now, the world is aware of the dire consequences of having data and misusing it as Cambridge Analytica shuts shop.(With Inputs from Ranjit Raj of Swecha, an affiliate of Free Software Movement of India). It is apparent that Microsoft is applying Facebook’s strategy of partnerships and alliances with contenders to stifle competition. A project such as this, which would help corporations like Microsoft use surveillance capitalism to grow their businesses, is already being countered on social media. They build friendly relationships with the state and sell surveillance to governments in exchange for business-friendly regulatory policies. There is a need to see Gates not as a celebrity, but as a businessman who owns a large corporation and is always in the race to lead business.As concerns about Aadhaar grow with every passing day, leaving even fair-minded citizens wondering where we are heading with privacy and security in such a populous country, software giant Bill Gates has tried to use his "brand" to endorse Aadhaar.The Gates Foundation is recognised as a philanthro-capitalist foundation because it has advocated applying Microsoft strategies to its philanthropic activities.In his book Hit Refresh, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella pointed out that India’s Aadhaar identity system rivals the growth of other platform innovations like Windows, android or Facebook.It’s about saving the democratic fabric of our country by not allowing greedy corporations and philanthro-capitalists hijacking information to create unaccountable private structures replacing existing Constitutional bodies.Would Gates be willing to giving his retinal scan, fingerprints, and address to the government and private agencies, some of which will be made publicly available? The ID has become something similar to a bell for cats, considering the pressure to use it for every mobile connection, tax returns, government schemes, bank accounts, purchases and even to use mobile wallets.Microsoft became the first global company to adopt Aadhaar as authentication for its services such as Skype-Lite, LinkedIn, and Project Sangam, among others.

Gates is more concerned about the benefits his organisations like Microsoft or Gates Foundation can reap.Should a tech giant like Microsoft have access to the government database, it will be the winner among its competitors in a developing country like India, because it has data and data is the new oil.His statement, "Aadhaar in itself doesn’t pose any privacy issue because it is just a bio ID verification scheme," cannot be written off as ignorance or lack of research. The foundation, known for its ideological commitment to neo-liberal economic policies and corporate globalisation, is now focusing on funding the World Bank to replicate Aadhaar-style surveillance systems in other developing countries to take surveillance capitalism a step forward. Such information can be used to deny products, services or information, or help construct a data profile. A knife is only as good as the one who wields it, and so is the case with data.Entities like Gates Foundation invest China Mattress protector Manufacturers and nurture institutions which promote their neo-liberal policies to gain increased control over the market and reduce the state’s role in it. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Gates should praise his friend Nandan Nilekani, co-founder and former chairman of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), for helping corporates like Microsoft to monetise the data of Indian citizens.While businesses are important for a country’s economy, Gates is trying to paint Aadhaar with a broad brush, ignoring underlying privacy concerns. Given the several reports of Aadhaar data leaks, Gates endorsing Aadhaar is similar to international institutions like World Bank saying India’s economy is on track, though the public endures the effects of inflation.How often was UIDAI questioned even when cyber security organisations kept throwing up challenges on the availability of Aaadhar data? The debate about privacy concerns is becoming meaningless because as we know, state and Central governments continue to build profound relations with conglomerates to reap immediate benefits, rather than promote the larger good. Aadhaar as an authenticator of Microsoft’s services will allow the latter to tap into the rapidly growing Internet users’ database in a largely mobile-first country, who might lack email IDs, which are essential identifiers as of now.The fight against Aadhaar is not just about the right to privacy and data protection.In addition, the government has begun talks with Google and Apple to allow Aadhaar-based authentication for users of their smartphones, which are increasingly enabling fingerprint authentication at a cheaper price. All this at the cost of citizens’ personal information that they voluntarily and, sometimes under the pressure of circumstances, handed over to the government. IT NPOs have criticised the awarding of the contract given to the US software major, as it is in "direct contrast" with government policy on open source software. Unfortunately he seems to have failed to check on the committed values that India’s national ID was supposed to deliver.

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